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News Bulletin
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Yearbook Staff Fundraiser
The Yearbook staff held a Corn Hole Tournament to raise money to reduce the costs of yearbooks. Mrs. Trissler and the yearbook staff organized the event. Students participating in the competetion were paired with a partner from each grade level. Students watched and cheered their favorite teams in the tournament.
-8th grade winners were Patrick Cotton and Eric Frantz
-7th Grade winners were Jared Brown and Kyle Moore
-6th grade winners were Kyle Simon and Zach Wooten

Cornhole Tournament

Student Commercials
Students in Mr. Rick Powell’s Language classes were required to create and perform a commercial or skit using one of the five propaganda techniques that were recently covered in his language classes.
Students invented or designed a product or service. Next, they created a poster board containing their slogan and product design. A copy of their dialogue, of their commercial or skit, also had to be completed and submitted as part of their assignment.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to be perform their commercials or skits and demonstrate their creativity.
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chievement Meeting

Mr. Greg Tipton, Principal at Northwest Middle School, recently welcomed parents to attend and awareness meeting concerning Achievement Testing. He shared with those attending, the purpose of a school report card and the manner in which a school receives a grade or indicator on the report card. Mr. Tipton explained that points can be earned in several different ways, such as; if 75% of the students are proficient in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade tests. Points may also be awarded based on school attendance. If the school attendance percentage is 93% or higher, then a point will be awarded to the school. Mr. Tipton stated that points may be given to schools that scores represent an Adequate Yearly Progress. (AYP)
Principal Tipton shared with the parents, the Northwest Middle School Plan for Improvement. He stated that flexible grouping is presently being practiced, students with disabilities are participating in regular classes, and intervention time is built into each school day. Teachers have been attending professional development workshops, from which research has been obtained on implementing effective teaching strategies.
He concluded the meeting by stating that short cycle and quarterly assessments are currently being used by staff to measure a student’s comprehension.
- Here is a great site for students and parents!

Woodsmen of the Year

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Saving Pop Tabs
Pop Tabs Add Up!
Jeremy Blankenship, an eighth grade student at Northwest Middle School, was in a dirt bike accident. He suffered third degree burns to his leg. He was sent to Shriners Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, OH for surgery. Upon arriving there, Jeremy was made to feel at home. Everything was provided free of charge and they made him feel as relaxed as possible. He attended classes, played games, read books and magazines, and was able to view a variety of DVD’s during his stay. These activities were all made possible from the “Tab Fund.”
The “Tab Fund” has been made from people collecting and donating pop tabs. Contribution of tabs for the benefit of the children who are patients in the Shriners Hospital for Children – Cincinnati Burns Unit, is very much appreciated. Billy Murphy, a third grade student at Northwest Elementary, saved over 35,000 pop tabs, with the help of family, friends, and Tara Bowman and donated them to the Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati in honor of Jeremy Blankenship.
The Shriners Hospital for Children have patients coming from all parts of the United States and different countries, so they try to purchase items that interest them and make their hospital stay more “home like”. If you would like to save tabs in order for the children to have some “little extras” to enjoy, you may send pop tabs with your child to Jackie Murphy, Room 151 at Northwest Middle School.

New Club Pride Meeting

Northwest Middle School recently started a Club Pride. Though Club Pride is presently at the High School level, several parents and staff expressed an interest that it also be instituted at the Middle School, also.

The Middle School Club Pride Advisor is Mrs. Debbie Franklin. Approximately 130 students have joined the Pride Team, which will meet on a weekly basis. Mrs. Franklin expresses a desire for members to have the opportunity to have monthly outings, so the students may share with the community, the importance to being and remaining drug and alcohol free.

Jamestown Colony Replicas

Mrs. Connie Altman, Northwest Middle School 8th grade Social Studies teacher, is teaching a unit on the Jamestown Colony. Students have been asked to create a replica of colonial life at that time. They are required to construct an authentic model that must contain buildings, drying racks, the James River, forest, and fields with the appropriate crops.
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