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One Room Schools
N o r t h w e s t  L o c a l  S c h o o l  D i s t r i c t

The project began in 1980 when Dean McClay, who was the principal at Otway Elementary, and chairman of the “Fair Project” proposed that pictures of the existing One-Room Schools be taken and displayed at the Scioto County Fair to show “Where We Came From”.

Phillip McClay (Dean McClay’s son) and Martin McAllister (Tunney McAllister’s son) took the 1980 pictures. (They probably skipped a couple school days to do it). Phillip and Martin were on the Lakota yearbook staff. They ran the darkroom and printed the pictures too.

Use the links to the right to see a slideshow of the district's one room schools. Watch the introduction and then click the back button on the last slide to come back here. Click the township name you would like to see and it will take you to a slideshow. At the end of the show, there is a back button to click to bring you back to this page.

One Room Schools
Brush Creek Township
Morgan Township
Otway Village
Rush Township
Union Township
Rarden Township

Old Yearbooks

Graduate Lists


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