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My name is Rebecca Cook and welcome to my new website! I created this in hopes of offering additional information to both parents and teachers. On this site, you will find links to research disabilities, develop interventions and accommodations for your classroom, read parents’ frequently asked questions, and other school/home related issues addressing topics such as: discipline, grief, divorce, drugs, alcohol, and puberty. Parents may also find some links that are “kid friendly” meaning, they may allow their child to explore a few of the recommended sites that are geared more toward their age/grade level. So, happy exploring! If you have any questions regarding information on this site, please email me at rcook@northwest.k12.oh.us

But first, What is a School Psychologist? and What does a School Psychologist do?

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District Psychologist: Rebecca Cook

Phone: (740) 259-2250 ext. 3317
Fax: (740) 259-5422

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